Holiday Case Special
Holiday Case Special Holiday Case Special
$ 29.39

8 - 2 oz bags -- A Bundle for a Jerky Lover

"Oh thank you! How'd you know I wanted to consume as much ruthlessly delicious beef jerky as humanly possible over the next two days?"

Sound familiar? Of course it doesn't, you haven't bought the jerky yet. Trust us, it's all you'll be hearing within seconds of gifting.

And really, is there any way to communicate love than sharing a case of delicious, nutritious, 100% Grass-Fed Beef Jerky? It'll keep the fa-la-la-la-laing going strong all night long.


Contains 8 - 2 oz bags. Gluten Free. Contains Soy. 
90 Calories; 2.5G Fat (4% Daily Value); 3G Sugar; 14G Protein.