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Our Story

In 2009, a group of friends and jerky-enthusiasts decided they deserved a better jerky experience. Under-employed, with time on their hands, they gathered under the slanted roof of a New York City apartment and a dream was born: tender beef jerky made from 100% Grass-Fed Beef, organic spices, and non-GMO, preservative-free marinades.

A unique, against-the-grain slicing technique that yielded tender, steak-like bites, a commercial dehydrator, a website, and a whole lot of beef jerky later, SlantShack debuted to sell-out appearances at the  Greenpoint Food Market, then Smorgasburg, and garnered write-ups in Maxim, New York Magazine, The Atlantic and Thrillist. 

What started out as a group of friends, hanging out, experimenting and creating recipes with fresh herbs and spices in an apartment, one pinch at a time became a jerky company dedicated to delivering on flavor and nutrition, with a commitment to sustainability.