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Our Mission.

You should know what you’re eating. It’s that simple. And you should feel good about it. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create a delicious, nutritious snack made from whole, quality ingredients—just the good stuff.

SlantShack jerky is crafted using organic spices and non-GMO, preservative free marinades. We cut against the grain for better texture, and we run against the grain by sticking to our values. We use free-range, grass-fed beef because that’s how we feel food should be done. Healthy and sustainable practices—like choosing organic and non-GMO ingredients and using only grass-fed beef—aren’t just better for planet or your body, they make better food. All of our jerkies are low sugar, with ingredient-driven flavor profiles created the same way you’d create recipes in your kitchen—with fresh spices and herbs, a pinch at a time—for a delicious, low-calorie, low-fat, low-sugar, high-protein snack that you can eat anywhere.


Certified B Corporation.

When our simple dream of a healthier, better-tasting snack materialized into a nation-wide company, we learned that creating a truly excellent product requires much more than high-quality ingredients. The integrity of every aspect of our company matters, and we aspire to uphold our values of transparency, sustainability and accountability.

SlantShack is a Certified B Corporation in recognition of that commitment. What does this mean? The company incorporates social and environmental concerns into its business goals. Through our vigilant production practices and careful decision making, we're constantly working to improve the well-being of the environment and our business partners, employees, customers and community.