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The SlantShack journey started in 2009 when Josh Kace, lifelong jerky fanatic and recent college graduate, decided he deserved a better jerky experience than his corner grocer could provide. He would settle for nothing less than the tastiest and healthiest jerky imaginable.

Determined to snack better and more deliciously, Josh gathered his under-employed friends in his New York City apartment and set out to create the jerky of their dreams. Under that slanted-roof, they came up with a list of demands: 100% Grass-Fed Beef, organic spices, and non-GMO, preservative-free marinades. The crew feverishly experimented, crafting award-worthy, unique flavor profiles without the high sugar content and questionable MSG many brands relied on, and developing a revolutionary, against-the-grain slice that yielded tender, steak-like bites.  

A commercial dehydrator, a website, a whole lot of beef jerky later, SlantShack debuted to sell-out appearances at the Greenpoint Food Market, then Smorgasburg, and garnered write-ups in Maxim, New York Magazine, The Atlantic and Thrillist. 

Today, SlantShack is recognized as a Certified B Corporation for our commitment to quality and good business practices because we continue to uphold our original standards to do food right--only partnering with family farms who are committed providing 100% grass-fed, free-range, humanely and sustainably raised beef without the use of hormones or anti-biotics. And, though we’re no longer producing jerky one tray at a time, we’re still turning out the tastiest and healthiest jerky imaginable with the same care and craft as we did in Josh’s slanted shack.

Happy Snacking,